Friday, July 6, 2012

¡ya es el fin! ¡Las elleciones ye terminaron! This week has been a bit crazy with the elections, but it´s finally over! Campaigns are very different here than in the U.S. Almost everyone participates in the government at the local level, the presidential candidates are literally buying votes, there´s always fireworks, marches, cars blaring a candidates music, etc. And no one is ever home. The Fact that we had the success we did was really a miracle. And luckily there haven´t been riots due to fraud in the voting. Everyone beleives there´s a problem in one way or another, annd i´m pretty sure there is, but so far no really big riots. There was one the night of the elections, but we were asleep by the time it started, so it wasn´t a problem, and now everyone has pretty much just accepted it. The best part of this week was Martha and Antonio. We were walking and I decided to walk up to someone after we´d just passed them twice (my comp says I have a gift of not being afraid of awkward situations like that...) We started teaching Martha the next day, set a baptismal date, and after talking to her husband the next day, we were able to teach the whole family (5). My comp says it was the most powerful lesson he has had in 20 months in the mission. They came to church, have baptismal dates (we just need to marry them and help him quit smoking and drinking). We also found Aurora, her husband died a year ago, and even though she´s loaded, she can´t find peace in her money, profession (she works for the PRI (a political party that just won), or in the catholic church, and the idea of seeing her husband again, of being sealed in the temple is something she finds really ¨beautiful¨. That was also a really cool lesson. We also had an interesting lesson with someone who hadn´t been progressing at all for a while and we were about to drop him when we found out the reason he hadn´t progressed was because he thought we were the polygamists, he even asked us about the street Jose Smith. I feel like that´s happened a lot lately... We´ve been reading general conference talks when we get back at night or if we have a few minutes in the morning, and i just read the talk ¨Mountains to climb¨by President Eyring from this conference. That is an amazing talk if you need help with something. I love that even when we just read the words of the prophets, the spirit is so strong. I've really learned this week that God really does want us to be happy, even if it is necessary that we go through trials or difficulties. God really loves us, all we have to do is do what he wants, and we´ll end up with everything we could want too. The Church is true, no se olvide de que Dios les ama. ¡Les amo! Elder West