Thursday, December 12, 2013

Dec. 9, 2013

Hola todos, this week we had a pretty crazy week as normal. The sisters called us several times to help out with blessings, which we're always happy to do. One of which was sad, the bishop ended up getting there, giving her a blessing, and shortly after she passed away. It really shows how much difference the plan of salvation makes. It was a part member family. I also got to baptize Roberto this week! I've taught him a few times, and then the sisters taught him, i did his interview, and on saturday they called me saying he wated me to baptize him, so that was a really great experience. His wife has been a member for a very long time, and now, he dropped smoking (used to smoke 24 ish a day) after he decided to join the church, and has been smoke free for a while now It was a great thing. We also took some investigators to the new visitors center which is awesome and watched theh Chrismtas devotional there, which was also great Lots to do, love you all! Elder west

-- the ward and us... we went to teh temple with them and some investigators. mainly to the visitors center.

My companionship 
Elder Twede, Elder Huefner, Elder Olivos, me

Dec. 2, 2013

Hola todos, this week we have only a few minutes, we went into mexico city for my last time, which was fun, and really exhausting. We also got to see the new visitors center at the temple that finally opened after 2 years. It's incredible. So nice and so high-tech. We sat down in one part and just said, "welcome to the enterprise" referring to star trek, it felt like that a lot. And on top of it, it really brings the spirit too. Our church rocks. Probably because it is the only true church on the face of the earth. I really enjoyed testimony meeting in our ward again. So many members are starting to talk about missionary work. It's great. The work is going really well here. Unfortunatel the family i was hoping to baptize had to go to Puebla this week, so they won't be getting baptized until the week after, but they aer a really great family. Victor will also be getting baptized. And Luis Angel, a less active started coming again, and his wife wants to get baptized too! The work is really going well. The members really love us right now too. One of whom has a son that gets home the day before i leave and wants me to come over teach them adn to explain how i feel. The members keep asking me how I feel that i am going home soon, and honestly, i just want to cry. There is nothing better than being a missionary. It's always been hard for me to leave things behind, and this is so much a part of who i am, it'll be a lot harder. I love being a missionary. We also have some less active families, who are finally coming back, they are really great people too. Love you all, Elder West
p.s. we made an awesome thanksgiving meal. we were on splits, and i was with teh elder i trained a year ago, and my two companions that i'm training. In missionary jargon, i was with my three sons for thanksgiving! It was awesome. We made popusas and potatos, chicken, and bolillos, which is like french bread. Happy dìa de acciòn de gracias, america!