Monday, May 21, 2012

May 21, 2012
Hola todos! We had another baptism, this time on saturday. It was really a miracle, we had been working with him and thought he was stuck and wasnt going to do anything and out of the blue Jose tells us he wants to be baptized. And he chose me to baptize him, which was sweet. There really is nothing quite like it. Definitely the highlight of the week. I had some interesting experiences with the food this week, accidentally didnt notice the jabanero in my taco... and we didnt have drinks, that was a little hot. And we got to try mole (mo lay) two days in a row, the green and the brown kind. Ironically my companion from mexico had more stomach problems than I did, but neither of us were really sick. Really shows how the Lord takes care of us, even when our stomachs arent quite use to everything. Our zone just got soccer jerseys, ill try to send a picture. Im betting/hoping that i will be a little better at soccer in two years, we play every week. We are hoping to have another baptism this saturday, it depends on his dad. Even after he is married and living on his own with his wife, the family has a huge influence here, and everyone is catholic, jw, or a member. Almost completely catholic. The good thing about Gustavo, the guy we want to baptize this saturday, is that his wife is a member. Members really make the difference. Love you all! Que les vaya bien!

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