Monday, May 20, 2013

May 20, 2013
Hola todos, ¿que tal? THis week was crazy. Tuesday were the transfers. so i am now as a solo assistant in chalco, until the other one gets here from the other mission in a month. My comp is Elder Hernandez, he's from tamaulipas. He's still learning a lot of things, but a good guy. This weekend they called a new stake presidency in our ward. Elder Anderson came to re-organize the stake presidency, president came too. It was a pretty cool weekend. Learned a lot of things. Elder Anderson while talking asked a little ten year old to come up and answer some questions. The little kid answered them as well as the missionaries. Then Elder Anderson asked him how often they have family home evenings in his home. HE said every week, family prayer every day, etc. Elder Anderson then talked about antoher time he had asked a little boy the same questions, but who had said, I don't know, i don't know... AFter a while Elder Anderson asked him, and who taught you all of that? The little boy said, "my dad". The parents make suchy a big difference. And then he said, a good father is a father that hopes that his kids don't learn anything in church that he hasn't learned in his home first." And that we need to help them have the habit of being in church every week, even if they scream in the meetings, etc. he actually talked about an experience in a meeting where a mom was taking her screaming child out, and the guy says, "you don't need to take him out, he isn't bothering me." The mom then answered to the general authority, "he may not be bothering you, but you are obviously bothering him." I thought that was funny. But it really showed the importance of always teaching your kids at home and always bringing them to church on sunday. And today, Elder Hallstrom, and Elder Johnson came to the mission and talked to us all. It was sweet. He answered questions too. Definitely a very powerful weekend. Love you all, Elder West

May 6, 2013
Esta semana estuvo bien chido. Me gusta trabajar con Elder Tovar. El unico desefio será ayudarle a que no muera. Una semana le queda!!! We definitely had a great week. Alejandra got baptized!!! And her sister is getting baptize this week!!!!! The baptism was awesome. My comp played the guitar, I sang with the ward mission leader, the member/friend shared a small talk and everyone was crying, it was great. She (Alejandra) was so excited for her baptism. She has a sister who really wanted to get baptized too, single mother, and really great, but she had a problem with question 4 in the interview. she started crying and talking about the guilt she's been carrying, and after we explained the atonement, she said, "knowing what God has done for me, it makes me want to do everything i can to serve him and be obedient." It was awesome. it will be an awesome one to finish the mission with for my comp. And the Familia Alvarez (Gabriela, Gabriel, and Gabriela junior, but she prefers Alondra) is also getting baptized this week!!! It is going to be great finish for my comp. And i will be going to another ward to be in a trio with the other two assistants. One of the three, we still don't know which, will be opening the new mission (Chalco!!!) most likely it will be me, because i know the area, and the zones that will be in that mission really well, and the other two almost not at all. But we'll leave it to the Lord. I'm really excited for this week. Elder Tovar's last week, but we are really excited. Love you all, Elder West

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