Tuesday, October 8, 2013

July 29, 2013
Esta semana fuen bien bien difícil, pero al final impactó mi misión muchísimo.This week we were  crazy, running all over, without time to sleep or work enough in the area. My companion definitley has gotten pretty warn down, he was a secretary before, and he's been in the offices too long, it's tough for him. We also got to have our interviews with president this week. First time in a very long time. President rocks. He helps so much, but doesn't let anyone push him around. We were able to go to teotihuacan on friday. It is huge! It was really cool to see the ancient buildings that we know so little about, and really just to see how perfectly it fits in with the book of mormon. President offered fifty pesos (like $3.40) to whoever got to the top of the pyramid of the sun first. I made the mistake of sprinting it. It is really high, and really steep (they actually have handrails on the way up and down so that everyone doesn't just come crashing down). I realized i'm pretty out of shape. Great view from the top of it. It was really cool. Definitley a great sightseeing item. But for several thigns on saturday everything seemed to have come crashing down. One of the hardest times of my mission, but it was such a cool experience. I went through a lot, got a lot of answers from the scriptures, and ended up changing completely my goals for the mission and life. I felt like God just sand an edge off, but afterword i felt so much happier. It was an important moment for me.  We are now living in a house with one pair of zone leaders, the secretaries, and it's where the new people and hte people going home will sleep (their first or last nights). We have a piano! i convinced the hermana to let it stay (she said she'll leave it until i'm gone). My thoughts aren't very well organized right now, sorry it's bouncing around. lots to do, changes are on tuesday. les amo! Elder West

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