Monday, November 25, 2013

Ice Cream Truck

 This is a girl the sisters were teaching that asked me to baptize her after her interview. She's Jocelyn, 12. And Benjamin is the little boy there, two converts little baby. He likes to follow me around.

 Soccer tournament... "We are the Champions. du du du..." 

 Bed bug infestation leaves elders sleeping on ironing board.

Hola, esta semana nos va bien. un poco loco como siempre, pero la buena vida sigue. This monday i took my companions to a mall that has a lot of american shops, we also met up with some other missionaries who are training there, it was sweet. President thought it would be good for the new missionaries too, and they loved it. We were a bit fried and sore from soccer, my companions now call me dad a lot, and calculated my age in missionary age to be 88 (like dog years, but by month out of 2). Now they're threatening to get me a cane. Bit of a tough week, but we're going strong. President spoke in stake conference, and told a story about his first day and talked about me there, that was cool. He is such an incredible man. He really knows how to really help all of his missionaries. Such an awesome man. Love you all! Elder West

Pictures from the MTC in Mexico City

hola todos. This has also been quite the week. I've just decided they're all ust going to be that way... For starters we had the mission soccer tournament today. that was awesome, our zone won the championship game, which was a lot of fun. Elder Janda and i were coaches and players to organize it, but it was cool to see how much fun a bunch of missionaries out on a field can have. and cool to see a ton of missionaries all in full soccer uniforms, and all the teams there. i definitely got fried. the sun was strong. My last companion told me he can see i've lost weight, we've been eating a bunch of grains and seeds, and fruit, and i've lost 10 pounds! party. The cooles thing this week was the testimony meeting on sunday. We had 23 less actives there of the which 21 were there for the first time in a long time. It was sweet, and the testimonies were so strong. a lot of members (active and less actives) just shared their testimonies about the missionaries getting their in the exact moment they needed, one of which was a family that all shared their testimonies about doing God's will, and about us, and they rock. the spirit was so strong. but the coolest was a 9 year old girl. she definitley made me cry... and everyone else. Two weeks ago her dad passed away of cancer. Their whole family shared theeir testimonies, but she said she knew where he is, and that we all would, but when we came to this life we had a veil put over us so we wouldn't remember where we lived or what we did before this life. She said we don't remember for that, but that "I do because i've studied the scriptures". It was sweet. Strongest testimony i've seen in a long time, and most people in church we've had too. Also this week i left my companions alone together to go to a meeting and they did great! Didn't understand anything someone said to them in the street, but they managed to teach, serve, and commit a less active to church. i was so excited, it made me want to leave them alone as much as possible. there are still time when people just say i can't understand you, but they are now forming sentances and understanding more when the people talk slow, it's sweet. Love you all, Elder West

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