Thursday, February 9, 2012

February 9, 2012

Hola todos!
 So this week I feel like we've really settled into our schedule. Lots of work, but overall its not too hard. Gym is definitely still the most fun part of the day, but it's cool to see how personal study time becomes more and more valuable. I've made it almost to the end of Jacob in the spanish book of mormon (the isaiah chapters take forever in spanish), and finished the English one (though I was in Alma when I got here). People keep saying on a mission you will have the lowest lows and the highest highs. I think that's what they told me about drugs too, but here the consequences work out a lot better. Getting up early, learning a language, studying the scriptures, learning how to get along with and love people, and really learning to be humble are already huge benifits to people here. I can't wait to get out and teach people. The food is pretty good still, if a little redundant. We get BYU creamery ice cream twice a week, which is nice (though if I'm not careful I'll gain more than the six pounds I'm at right now...) One cool quote I saw in a march 2007 new era about missionary work was that a mission will be the best two years of your life, but not necessarily the best 730 days. There definitely are a few rough days, often becaue we're trying so hard to be perfect and keep messing things up, but we get over it pretty fast here. The devotionals definitely help with that. i love being able to listen to a general authority every week, twice a week. It really boosts you up, reminds you why you are here, and assures us that the Lord is with us. My friends from out of state here who have never been to conference say they are the best talks they've ever heard. They really make the week so much brighter. We get to go to the temple every week here on p-day, I just got back. I love all the amazing things about the temple and how the spirit is always there. One thing I've noticed about our lessons is that, even as we get better at teaching to the investigators needs, there is always more we want to share, so many amazing things about the gospel that we know and want to share, but there is never enough time for it all. It really makes me even more grateful that I was raised in such a great home in the church. I also read a scripture (1 Thessalonianns 2:17) about how being taken from people for a short while can make you miss them more. This is definitely true here, but the letters really help, and I know that no matter what happens, I can see everyone again. All is well. This week I accidently mixed up matanza and mananza, so I thought they were talking about the apples of the people, not the slaughter of them. I was really confused for a bit there. Another cool thing is how much your testimony builds. This week it was mainly centered on prayer. If we really pray with faith, not doubting, but really believing that God will help us, we really recieve answers and help. Don't forget to keep me updated! I love hearing about your lives, the good and the bad! Don't feel like you need to keep it short or hide the tough times in your lives. Thanks for everything, love you all!
Vaya von Dios! Con amor, Elder West

today was the 40th anniversary of the provo temple dedication and we were in it, which was cool.)

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