Monday, February 6, 2012

Hola! Que tal?! So far we've finished two weeks and are already in our third. The days have really picked up here. it's funny to see the ways missionaries find to have fun while here. It helps to have some great guys in your district. This week we had Elder Holland  and Elder Nelson come to the fireside for the fiftieth anniversary. It was a really great fireside. I love listening to the apostles. With the spirit they bring, there really is no doubt what they are saying is true. Elder holland spent his talk about living up to the obligation we have to be the best we can be. It was a really great talk. Elder Nelson talked more about missionary history and dedicated some buildings here. I got to sing in the choir for it, so we got pretty good seats. Some other interesting things have happened this week. First, I accidentally asked my teacher if he had a boyfriend (yes, HE had a BOYfriend)... Also, I accidentally left a word out of something and said during one of the preach my gospel lessons that we eat the poor, instead of giving food to the poor. Glad that one wasn't in Mexico... The three companionship is interesting.  One thing I've found really cool this week is how the Lord can really make your burdens light if you just keep doing what's right and stick it out for long enough. Even if the problem doesn't change, it really can get so much easier to deal with. Other funny note, my companion accidentally said he was pregnant instead of embarrassed. We've been teaching once or twice a day, and we are starting to get better. We're not allowed to use notes outside of our little planners or the scriptures, we can't even use preach my gospel. It really makes you learn what you need to, and forces you to shape the lesson around the investigator. It's really cool how much easier the language gets. While none of us can really speak it, we're getting better at understanding things, and can  actually understand the scriptures in spanish enough to really just read them. Apparently president Hinckley promised that if you read the scriptures out loud in your language, by the time you finish the Book of Mormon, you will be fluent. So naturally we're all reading the book of mormon in spanish a lot more. This computer keeps freezing so I'm not sure how long I'll have. One other funny note. I got a letter with perfume on it (from a friend as a joke, nothing to worry about) and my companions were comatose for a while after smelling it. It was funny. Overall, things are going well here. We look forward to gym everyday (I'm having to cut down on some of the basketball time to run. Everyone is gaining weight here). But life is good, thanks for all the support, it really makes a difference!                        Love you all! Nos Vemos!

Ps (I just ran into a person in the temple from Mexico, and we had a full conversation with him in only spanish. It was cool. Mexico visas still a problem for people here though. Also I just got to have lunch with william, which is really nice.)

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