Monday, March 12, 2012

Hola todos! So this week has been filled with a ton of interesting things, which I still don't understand becuase our schedules are exactly the same. First, I accidentally forgot to make casar reflexive, so instead of telling the "investigator" that he needed to marry or not live with his girlfriend, I told him he had to hunt her... That added some confusion. In general spanish is going pretty well. After reading the Book of Mormon in spanish I can read it really well and pretty fast, but I'm still not very good at speaking it. Such is life I guess. Though apparently I had a dream in spanish. My companions told me I was sleep talking in spanish the other night. I thought that was way cool.

Also, this week we fasted a couple times and I really have gained a stronger testimony of fasting. It really does help. Also, if we take one principle of the gospel, and really focus on it, we can really develop our testimony of that specific aspect, and it really helps. I'm also enjoying studying preach my gospel, there's some really good stuff in there (which I didn't really believe a whole lot before I got here and took the time for it). Also, Alex Boye, a musician/singer from England who was converted and now makes church/gospel songs came and spoke to us. He was really funny for the first half (it was almost like stand up comedy), and really spiritual for the second half, telling us about his conversion story, and all because of a persistent member and two sister missionaries.

So as far as visas and travel plans go, half of my district recieved their travel plans today (all of the state-side missionaries), and the other half of us are still waiting. Mexico doesn't like the U.S. too much right now, so we're waiting and will probably get reassigned at some point within the next week and a half. The ones who recieved their travel plans are definitely enjoying knowing, but I guess it just means we have something else to look forward to getting, and if we get reassigned, I guess we get to experience a mission in two different places. I hope it's spanish if I do, preferably with a latino companion who doesn't speak english very well. I could use the help...

Buit life is still good in the MTC. Lot's of nuevos, and we got to host a bunch of them on wednesday. I got to help a Korean Elder who didn't really speak english (lot's of hand motions and confused looks), and another Elder going to Chile. It was fun to see how completely lost they were and how enthusiastic they were and to remember that was us not to long ago. I'd better go, Dios les ama, la iglesia es verdadero, y estoy orando para ustedes siempre! Love, Elder West

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