Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hola Todos! Finalmente sabemos donde vamos, y cuando. Estamos tan mas feliz que antes. Y voy a quedarme a aqui cuando mi distrito y companeros no estan. Pero esta bien. Voy a salir muy pronto. No puedo esperar. It's official. I'm finally heading out! The field is white and apparently Fort Worth Texas is the place for me right now. I have been temporarily reassigned to Texas (probably spanish) until I recieve my visa to Mexico, which they think will be 3 to 6 weeks. I can't wait to head there, I've heard so many great things about Texas and Texans since I've been here. Before we recieved the reassignments two people told me they felt like I was going to Texas, which was cool. My district has been reassigned to Las Vegas, Independance Missouri, Salt Lake South, and Ogden. I can't wait to head out and be able to teach the gospel. I had a really cool experience this week. Elder Oaks dropped by out of the blue and talked about the significance of the sacrament (he wouldn't even quote the whole prayer because it was so sacred), and about always having the spirit with us. I also realized earlier this week that when I came out I felt like I had a pretty good testimony, but know I feel like I knew the church could be true before, but now I know that it is true, that Christ really does live and that he really wants us to be happy. That was cool for me. I can't wait to head out to Fort Worth, to learn a lot more about being a missionary and hopefully some spanish as well. The Church is true, don't ever try to convince yourself otherwise, it really will bless your life so much. I also really loved how the scriptures make more sense the longer we study them and they relate more to us the more they make sense. They really help so much. I heard a cool quote that says, "This is the only time in all of eternity that you will have to go out and serve a proselyting mission. Don't waste a minute of it." I can't wait to get out and share the gospel. Keep me updated on your lives, Vayan con Dios!

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