Monday, April 16, 2012

April 16, 2012
This week was again really cool. Not quite the extremes of weather as last week, but we still got some hot days and some rain. Texas is a little like Utah weather, but without the snow and a lot of humidity. We had a really cool experience this week when I got to give my companion a blessing, and right after we were called to give a non-member a blessing. It was cool how the Lord opened the door for us. His friend is mormon and he's had good experiences with mormons and his friend suggested we give him a blessing. Members make such a huge difference in missionary work. Exchanges, dinners (which are really good, we got tres leches which was amazing), referrals, and most importantly just inviting their friends and fellowshipping investigators. The ward here is great. Spanish wards are very different, but it's still the same church no matter where you are, and we have some great members. This week I've really gained a stronger testimony that when you teach by the spirit, and they recieve it, both are edified and rejoic together. It amazes me how much we learn by teaching the most simple doctrines. The spirit really is teaching us both. The one downside to spanish speaking here is that we have to give all the awesome english investigators to the english missionaries. Though I hear it's different in McCallen TExas because it is the only completely spanish speaking mission in the U.S. That would be cool. And apparently it's less spanglish than here. A lot of the members and missionaries just make up words like parkiarse for park or weldiar for weld. It's funny. We also talk to a lot of Tongans in our area, the tongans help the missionaries a ton, and my companion served in a tongan ward before, so they love him, and he's been teaching us some tongan. They don't conjugate there verbs, so it's not too hard, but I think I'll be sticking to spanish. We also got to help at an eleven year old scout/priesthood preview fireside, which was cool. Apparently 33% of LDS men serve missions, but 94% of LDS eagle scouts serve missions. And scouting really does help with being on a mission/getting ready. Texas really is awesome. The song called to serve says "Called to know the richness of his blessings" and it really is true. We get to see God bless so many lives including our own. Missions just rock. Still can't wait for Mexico (because it's where I was called), but Texas is awesome! Que les vayan bien! Love Elder West

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