Monday, April 23, 2012

April 23, 2012

La obra misional es mejor que cualquier otra cosa aunque a veces es un pequito dificil. This week has been quite a week. To start out, I realized that my companions are Chris Farley (though slightly more controlled as a result of the mission) and Steve Carrell (don't know how to spell it). Elder Wagner really is exactly like steve carrell, it's really funny to watch. And Elder Ward, well, he's definitely got a gift for humor, but funny things just seem to happen to him. For example he broke not one, but two of 7/11's toilets. When I say broke, I don't just mean clogged or something, I mean like the toilet itself is cracked or fell over or something along those lines. He left a pass-a-long card and told us that's his way of paying for it. Salvation in exchange for toilet repairs. He told us he thought it was a pretty good deal for them. He's also still convinced that Handel was named after a doorknob. On another note, we were supposed to have a baptism on Friday. Esther was doing so great, we had everything set up, I was supposed to baptize her and she would have been confirmed Sunday, but the night before her baptism she disappeared. The owners of the house she was in (who hate all religious people) tell us that her sister's husband died so she moved in with her, and they don't have an address, and Esther doesn't have a phone. She literally disappeared over night. That was really tough. Hopefully the missionaries will find her again. She says she knows 100% that it is true. We also found this awesome Puerto Rican family. They were a member reference (friends with a 11 year old member), and they are reading, have baptismal dates, and attended church, all in one week. They really rock. And they keep giving us food. Flan and candy from Puerto Rico. They rock. And I got my visa this last week! I will be leaving for Mexico on April 30th!!! I'm really excited, I feel like I'll actually be able to understand people there now, and I'm going in right at the transfer, so I might not be in a trio for the first time! It'll be cool to see how different the culture and missionary work is there. I'm pretty sure I won't be in the awesome truck/bikes we have now, but it'll be great to get there and not have to try to pick out all the hispanic houses on the block. Texas is awesome, but I am excited to get to the Mission I was called to. I'm about out of time, Love you all! Love, Elder West

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