Thursday, June 7, 2012

Monday, May 28, 2012
Que dice? Como estan? THis week we had a couple really cool experiences. The first was a really awesome lesson we had with an investigator in a family home evening. The whole family and the investigator were crying. It was cool to be able to see someone realize and feel for the first time that this really is true, to really feel the difference from teh culture they were raised in. Catholic is the culture more than the religion. And when they want a party, they pick a saint, put a painting or statue of said saint in some place, and then say they have to celebrate the saint or somehting bad will happen to that place (for example the one by the water pump would stop the water flowing if they don`t celebrate it). We get a ton of fruit here, which kind of rocks, there are fruit trees everywhere, and everyone has fruit at every meal. Apples, oranges, bananas, guava, papaya, mango, lemon, lime, whatever, they have it, and it`s really good, because it's fresh. We also managed to get Veatriz to come to church. That on it's own is a miracle, the testigos (JW's) taught her so many things that are a little wacked, but she's starting to trust more in the Book of Mormon than them, which is great. Gustavo didn't get baptized this saturday because he wants his dad to be there and he is only in town a couple days a month. But he does want to get baptized, so that is great. I'm finally used to spicy food, we ate with members yesterday and I didn't have any problems with the jalapeƱos in everything, though the habanero is still a bit much. Definitely still learning a ton. Mainly I'm learning every day how much we really need God. He really performs so many miracles for us every day. That is definitely one of my favorite things about being here. I'm really learning about and developing a better relationship with God. Love you all, que les vaya bien! Love Elder West

ps I might be able to get permission to go into Mexico city next monday, which would mean several things. One I wouldn't be able to write anyone next week, and also, I would need fifty or sixty dollars (or thats what my comp says). He has gone once and wants to take me.

we got to help our ward mission leader make shirts for a little. its cool how they do it. 

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