Monday, June 11, 2012

Que transa? We have had quite an interesting couple weeks. We were going to go into mexico city last week, but we didn't receive permission until this week, which was good because we ended up having to change houses because the owner of our old house doesn't like the missionaries and we found a place near a lot of members that is nice and cheaper, so now we have an awesome house and a lot of members that like to feed us. Both are very good situations. The rains are starting now. Apparently it`ll rain three in four days for the next few months, so that'll be new. On the plus side the hottest time of the year is over here. The volcano has calmed down a lot, though it still spews smoke occasionally. This week we had an activity with our zone in which, after soccer, we made some tacos with habanero salsa. We were all dying, it was great. Even the natives were sweating/crying. Yep that's how we have fun. We were going to go into Mexico City today until we got a call last night right before bed that Elder QuiƱones is being transferred. We definitely didn't see that coming, normally he would be with me at least three months, usually four and a half. So tomorrow i will get a new companion. More updates on that to come. We discovered this week that someone in our ward is actually not a member, but has been assisting for a year, just hasn't been baptized yet because she is from the colony (there is a polygamist colony in our area with their own temple, chapel, book of mormon, and prophet that broke of from the church a long time ago) and there are sometimes problems with people from the colony, but she wants to be baptized, so we're going to try to work that out. I don't think i ever shared the conversion story of Jose. The Elders had been teaching him for a month and he wasn't really progressing because he didn't feel like he had an answer yet, but we were teaching him and had a really cool experience. We were about to review the restoration with him, but we felt like we needed to change. It was cool, the spirit was really strong, and finally I really felt like I should tell him to do something, and I promised him that if he did this he would have his answer and would feel ready for baptism. That saturday he was baptized. It was really cool to feel like I was really speaking by the spirit. It's cool to see how the spirit really works in peoples lives, that if they really seek an answer with real intent, God will answer them. Well thats all for this week, love you all! Que les vaya bien! Love Elder West 

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