Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sept. 3, 2012

"Hola, quiero agradecerles por todo lo que me han enseñado. Sé que es poco, pero para mí es valioso. Hoy fue el día más feliz que he tenido en mi vida. Hoy volví a nacer y me esforzaré por seguir el camino correcto. Gracias. Hasta pronto… Att. “Andy” " This was the text we got from Andrea. She got baptized yesterday. It was one of the best baptismal services i've seen. All of the missionaries in the zone got togethor and we had a stake baptismal service. It was really cool. We had five people ready for baptism, but with a death of a family member, marital problems, and one that just lacked faith we dropped to one, all in the space of a few hours before the baptismal service. We got there and the ward mission leader called us saying he had passed by for andrea but she said she couldn't come, something happened, and wasn't going to get baptized either. We were pretty depressed. And then she called us to confirm that she couldn't come because of an "enormous" problem. We were just about to leave (we felt awful, we worked like dogs this week to get everything ready and it all fell through), when Andrea and the ward mission leader showed up and said, "just kidding". We were so relieved we managed not to get mad at the ward mission leader (his idea). It turned out to be an incredible experience. And then she sent us the text after telling us how this was the happiest day of her life, that she was born again, and how much it means to her. She is a single mother with 24 years, and is really great. Her sister wants go get baptized too, but she has to get married and her husband has some drinking and atheist problems. But yesterday was one of the coolest days we've had. And now we have transfers. Elder Carrillo ya se va, and i am going to train a new missionary.I'm really excited and terrified. One more cool story. There is a blind man and a man that is crippled and confined to a wheel chair in the ward. The blind man is led by is dog to the house of the man in the wheel chair. The blind man then pushes the man in the wheel chair to the church as the man in the wheel chair tells him where to go. Talk about faith. Two awesome old men who found a way to come even in those conditions. If they can make it, we can wake up in the morning to make it to church on time. I thought that was an awesome example. Out of time, love you all! Next week I'll let you know who my new comp is and where he is from. ¡Cuidense mucho! hasta luego, Elder West

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