Monday, February 18, 2013

¡¡¡Feliz cumpleaños Mamá!!! Happy Birthday Mom! This week has been crazy. I thought transfers were going to be this week, but last wednesday i had special transfers and am now a zone leader in Chalco. It has been crazy since. We had to present a training for the whole mission on friday, and have been trying to work out a few problems with other companionships, transfers, etc. It has been a party. I felt so humbled. And for a while really inadequate. I have been in mexico about 8 months, and there are people in my zone with 23 who have a ton of experience. I finally realized that it is what the Lord has chosen, and that if i humble myself and trust in him, he will make my companion and i equal to the calling. It has been an incrediblly crazy week. There is now no time to think about anything but the mission, and i love it. I also really enjoy trying to help out other missionaries. This week the Reyes Magos, or the wise men came, which is like their santa clause, officially ending the holiday season. The kids also all have their gifts. We are now mainly in a place called Paseos de CHalco, which is a lot nicer than my old area. THere are people with computers and several with cars here. It is a huge change. And a lot less dogs. My companion is Elder Medina from Obregon, Sonora (in Mexico). He seems really great, and i am really excited for the chance to be here. We don't have any investigators here right now (the last guy was struggling a bit...), but the area seems like a great one. Love you all. Happy Birthday mom! Love, Elder West


hola todos. No hay lugar como el templo. This week was really cool. Christmas rocked, we ate way too much (the culture is that you eat what they give you, and around Christmas they give you double, and not just when you go to eat, but in half the lessons too). Time to start the diet. The hard part is that the holiday season here actually continues until January 6, the day the reyes magos, or the wise men come and bring the kids gifts (santa claus is american). Which means that the food keeps coming. It was great to see and talk to the family on skype. The younger siblings are definitley growing up really fast. And we got to finish off the week great with a sealing. We went to the temple! There is a family i have been working with for 6 months, and they got sealed!!! It was sweet, there is such a cool spirit in the sealing, and you cna really get a glimpse of eternity there. It was a really cool thing to be a part of. I'll try to send some pictures of the temple next week. I also had a really cool experience of fasting with a question before going to the temple. It was a great oportunity to really find out what God wants me to do. I wish we could go to the temple more, but it definitely motivates me to look for families a lot more. Love you all! Happy New Year! ¡Feliz año nuevo! Elder West


Hola, ya no hay tiempo... THis week was pretty good. I've decided picking five good things about my companion and writing them down every day can help a lot. This weekend was a bit crazy with all the parties for the virgin mary. Bit of a tough week, but we still managed to enjoy it. I also had the opportunity to go on splits with Elder Reyes, my last companion. It was great. We were working so well togethor immediately. The bad side was that everyone kept saying we got along a lot better than the other missionaries, and better than my companion and i. Need to work on that a bit i guess. We now have an hour less of p day, and they just told us, so we are basically out of time. Love you all. Elder West

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