Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February 25, 2013

¡Hola todos! 58 nuevas misiones... nunca en la historia del mundo ha existido mejor tiempo de ser misionero. So las week we received an anouncement that left us all in shock. Our mission will be dividing. The mission mexico city southeast will still exist, but even though it has been a mission for less than two years, it will already be dividing. We have no idea which mission we will be in. Presidente morales will be in the southeast mission still, but a new mission president will come to the mission Chalco. My zone is the zone Chalco, and now it will be the center of a new mission. We are guessing that my last three areas are part of the mexico chalco mission, but we aren't sure yet, we haven't been told what the boundaries will be. THough i do know the new mission offices are about ten minutes from where i live. But who knows where we will be. That was a really awesome announcement to get from president, and a really fun one to give to the zone. WE are all really excited. Who knows what will happen. If anyone finds out any exact dates of when, or what the boundaries will be, etc. I would love to hear. But for right now we just need to work harder than ever. We are opening a new mission!!! We also had two hectic weddings this weeks. I got here, found out someone who has been in church hasn't been able to get baptized even though she really wants to. Her kids are members, but she can't because she hasn't been able to get married because of problems with papers. That is when i got there. It really helps to know the mexican marriage system. I sent them to one place for certain papers, called a judge i know, he gave us a discount and didn't need the rest of what they normally ask, and finally they got married on friday! And Veronica got baptized on saturday! Her husband has a date, but is waiting to break a few word of wisdom problems. She had been going to church alone for 6 months and was so happy to be baptized, it was such an awesome thing. The other wedding was a bit less stressful, but Guillermo (Memo) got married to a member on saturday and that same night he got baptized. He was crying after and his parents came and they now want to learn more. It has been an awesome week. WE also had transfers, which worked out for us. Most of the problems we had left, and our zone is now going to be the best in the mission. Definitely has gone a lot better than january. We are really excited. Oh, and we had an interesting experience with some people trying to break into the sisters house (probably their neighbors who sell drugs), so we had to help them get out of there and find a new safer house, but now all is well, and we just need to work like never before. Missions Rock. Love you All, Elder West

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