Tuesday, August 7, 2012

August 6th Letter

Hola todos! This week has been crazy. We've been working like crazy to get this area going. The people here are a bit more rushed, we border the federal district (mexico city), but still there are a ton of people here, so we'll find the ones ready to listen to us. We live about 45 minutes walking from the church, but there are a couple members who are helping us get investigators there, and we're teaching english classes. There is one other american in our district (the rest from peru, el salvador, and mexico), and he teaches on wednesday, and i teach thursdays. It's really kind of fun to teach english, we teach in the same way they tought us in the mtc (don't speak any spanish the whole time), and turns out it's hard to not slip back into spanish, or to remember words in english... We'll see what happens in two years. But we've had about 20 people coming and it's just starting, so i'm excited for that. We found an awesome family knocking doors one day, and the whole family came to church. The coolest part was ricardo, the dad, told us he felt something he had never felt before in his chest, that was like burns but doesn't hurt, and that he is going to come every week now. It was cool. One thing i regret is that i didn't learn piano better. I can't play all of the hymns, and the ones i can't play, they have to kind of make up a tune if they don't know it well. So learn piano (this is directed at David West)! But i'm excited for this area. Love you all! Elder West

Me and a bottle of heinz ketchup (the best), and bbq sauce (go walmart).

My comp (Elder Carillo), Elder wyman, and his new comp.

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