Tuesday, August 7, 2012

July 23rd Letter

¡Hola todos! ¿Que hay de nuevo? This week has been crazy. We've been working a ton with the members and it's really starting to pay off.yesterday we had the baptism of Jorge. He is an awesome guy who really just wanted to know if this was true, he got his answer, and we had an awesome baptismal service. We got more than sixty members to go, and we managed to introduce him with an awesome RM who ended up being the one to baptize him, it was really cool to see. THe spirit was so strong there, and it really helps that now he has friends in the church to help him stay there. There were a lot of people crying yesterday, it's not a day we'll forget soon. On another note, we got the call last night that i have transfers. I won't know where i am going or with who until tomorrow, but i was definitely really sad to get the call. We have the best ward in teh mission, we just go an awesome new bishop that visits all of our investigators in the ward to help out (he rocks), we live in one of the best houses in the mission, surrounded by the most awesome members, and we have a lot of incredible investigators right now. Saturday and sunday and the next saturday we had baptisms planned, the area was just starting to explode, and i am definitely really going to miss it, but on the plus side, I'll get to meet new people and work in a new area. I haven't been here too long (two transfers), it was really a surprise to hear that I'm getting transferred, but i already really love the people here. It must be really hard for the people who have up to 9 months in an area. I'll let y'all know how it goes in a week, love you all! Love Elder West ¡Cuidense mucho!

This is part of our area, close to where we live

the baptism of Jorge

One thing that will change is that i won't wake up to a volcano anymore, that's a bit disappointing. This picture is of a car that got coated in ash two days ago. It rained a bunch of ash that day. Our shirts were grey.

 And another one of our area. Same place.

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