Tuesday, August 7, 2012

July 9th Letter

¡Hola todos! This week we had a lot of really cool experiences. We spent a lot of time trying to figure out where God wanted us to go, and finally chose a street. The next day we went there and after knocking a lot of doors with no success and almost out of time we decided to knock one more. A lady answered it and just stared at us, and after we introduced ourselves she started crying. She is a member who hadn't been to church in years, but had just barely prayed and asked God for help, for dirrection and help with her catholic husband. She told us she was sure we were the answer to her prayers. It was cool. We've also had some really cool lessons, where we've taught people who have had some really tough problems, but we really felt the spirit, and seen how these people are already changing their lives. We have a family that was just about to split up when we found them, and now they've been to church twice, they're excited, have a baptismal date, and just awesome people. They've had a lot of problems, and it's a bit weird to be 19 and teaching people with a lot more experience how they can really be happy. It really is amazing to see how people in such different circumstances with problems from depression to marriage to drinking or whatever else, all find the answer in the gospel, and really turn out happy. This family (Martha, Antonio, Fani, Leo, and Aldo) are awesome. We´re really excited for them, and it´s awesome to see how much this has already helped them in every aspect of their lives. The Gospel is true. It´s the only way to be really happy. ¡Les amo a todos! ¡Que tengan una buena semana! Elder West

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