Tuesday, August 7, 2012

July 16th Letter

This week has been a bit crazy, we've had so many people so close to baptism, we just have to marry them, or stuff like that. It is really weird to see how these people three times my age are asking us for advice. We had ward conference this week, it was awesome. Definitely better with the musical numbers, and everyone came, even polygamists, to see who would be the new bishop. We haven't had one for months, he left for work. It definitely rocks to have a bishop, and more when the guy they called is already one of the best friends of the missionaries. We've been working a ton with less active and recent converts, and it's just as cool to see people change their lives again as it is the first time. The ward has definitely grown a lot since we got here. It's been cool to see. God lives, this is his church, and he loves you. One more week and we have transfers. I really hope i don't go right now, but everyone tells me that is usually when you get transferred, and i'm pretty sure it's true. We'll see. Love you all, Love Elder West

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